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Ornella Fado

The PR & Consulting Services is focused on promoting the Food & Beverage Industry, Restaurants, and Creative Events in New York City.

The company works to focuses on developing good relationships between the public and restaurants by raising awareness and brand recognition. 

Proven results in organizing and hosting many great events with a positive return, such as cooking shows, wine tasting, galas, and parties.

OK Productions creates segments designed for each restaurant to accurately promote, build a reputation and broadcast through many outlets such as the Brindiamo! Guide (the only digital guide about fine Italian eateries around del the world and the latest upcoming Amazon Prime Video)

- social media
- brand placements
- offline advertising

- press reviews
- digital and broadcasting PR
- cooking shows and presentations
- campaign development
- chef and sommelier network research
- brindiamo guide
- brindiamo restaurant week


Consulting  & PR

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