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     Ornella Fado

Eating is a necessity, cooking is an art                                                                                                                                  Bev Jones

About Brindiamo!In My Kitchen

​​After many years visiting fine Italian restaurants and cooking with fine Italian chefs Ornella Fado decide to invite her favorite chefs to cook in her own kitchen for a new exiting season of Brindiamo! Brindiamo! In My Kitchen will feature Ornella Fado her self with a guest chef (13 Episodes,13 fine Italian chefs) Those chefs will preparing up to 5 tasting recipes for each episode, those recipes will be prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients and products on the market, such as Urbani truffles and Calvisius Caviar, the cooking show is going to be filmed right in the comfort of the modern and beautiful Snaidero’s kitchen located in the URBANI Truffle LAB in New York City. 

A typical TV show has an opening and an intro about the upcoming in the show, a biography of the guest chef and its restaurant, a segment about the history of the product and interview to special guest (from actors to  food critics, to celebrities). An Italian sommelier will talk about the wine and he will pairing each recipe with the perfect wine, a recap and a closing.

To create a special and unique atmosphere we will have live audience and live e music.